What is it used for?

The Social Sharing sub-panel allows to configure a list of Facebook pages on which you can share appropriately moderated feedback, that users leave using the appropriate Guest Portal widget. This way, you can maximize the visibility of some selected reviews, showing them to Facebook page (related to the location) fans.

Social Sharing Chart

Columns of the Social Sharing Chart
The columns of the Social Sharing Chart describe the parameters related to the interaction between the system and the pages in the list. 

The parameters described are the following:
  • Page: indicates the official name of the Facebook fan page, as set within the social network at the time of consultation.
  • Administrator: shows the name of the Facebook user that is the main administrator of the page.
  • Authorization: displays the exact date and time in which the system was allowed to publish any posts on behalf of the Facebook page.
  • Expiration: indicates the date after which the sharing is no longer active in the system. To continue using the Sharing, after expiring you will need to re-associate the chosen page to the Social Sharing service of the Platform.
  • Status: shows the activation or deactivation status of the social network sharing at that time.
  • Tools: contains the button to delete the page from the list. Upon clicking, a confirmation message appears asking for permission to proceed with the deletion. Click "OK" to proceed with the final deletion.

How to add a page to the Social Sharing

The function allows to add new Facebook pages to the list for Social Sharing. To do so, just click the button on the top right above the Social Sharing chart, "Log In". 
Once clicked, you will be redirected to the social network, within which you will be asked to provide some permissions to the system. After agreeing to grant all the required permissions, the desired Facebook page will automatically appear in the list and the function Social Sharing will be active. 

N.B. For the proper functioning of the operation, you must be administrator users of the Facebook page that you want to associate and be already logged into the social network with the profile of page administration to be included in the list.