What is it used for?

The Quick Review feature let you ask your customers a real time opinion about how they feel about your location and its services.
You can invite customers to leave a quick review in two ways:
•by inviting them via email, using the sending rules of the “Engagement” feature
•by publishing the widget on a custom Landing Page.
Quick Review is designed to ask your customers a simple and direct question – to which they can answer just by clicking a simple button – telling whether if they are satisfied with your services or not and writing a short text of explanation for their answer.

N.B.: in order to customize all the texts cointained in the widget for all the laguages, you must change the settings in the Settings --> Location --> Quick Review Management panel.

Quick Review Table

Review searching filters

In order to view a customized list of reviews, the system let you set some filters to manage the viewing of the list of reviews. You can do it by using the dropdown menu on the top of the table. More specifically, you can set:

  • Rating: it filters results based on the number of stars received in the feedback.
  • Date range: it filters results based on the period in which the feedback has been received.

Once the search filters are set, simply click the "Search" button to display the desired list.

Columns of the Quick Review Table

The columns of the Quick Review table decribe the details about every feedback received from the users. The system administrator can customize the view of the Quick Review list.

By clicking on the name of the column, you can organize the list on the basis of the parmater described by the column itself. The parameters are:

  • Data: indicates the date and exact time in which feedback has been received.
  • Name: displays the name or nickname entered by the user who left feedback. Please note that feedback can be received even anonymously.
  • Email: shows the email address of those who have left feedback. As for the name, an email address will be asked to the user, who, however, is free not to provide it.
  • Rating: shows the rate, expressed in the form of 1 to 5 stars, assigned by those who have left feedback. To leave feedback it is required to assign a rating.
  • Review: displays the extended text of the feedback, as entered by the user. The extended version of the text is not mandatory for the user.