What is it used for?

The Control panel User Creation screen allows to generate accounts to be assigned to users who can manage the platform. This feature is useful to allow the structure staff to manage independently some operations, such as user accounts creation with manual distribution. 
To access the screen, just click "New User", in the upper right of the screen "Control Panel Users".

How to create a Control Panel User

Once the New User screen appears, the administrator has to enter the data for the user to whom they want to grant privileges and access credentials within the platform. Specifically, they need:
  • Username: enter the desired access username for the account. Please note that all usernames are generated with the suffix '@xxxx', where xxxx is the username of the system administrator who created the account.

  • Description: report a short descriptive text related to the account, useful if you want to specify the user's role within the structure.
  • Password: enter the authentication password assigned to the user.
  • Confirm Password: re-enter the authentication password assigned to the user for confirmation.
  • Email: provide the email address associated with your account.
After the configuration, confirm the account creation by clicking "Create User". 

N.B. Upon creation, the account is automatically set by default on active status. 

N.B. Upon creation, the user does not have any management privileges. The administrator must configure the privileges manually, using the "Change Permissions" tool.