What is it used for?

The "type" sub-panel shows the usage statistics of the platform relative to the Account Distribution. By clicking the date field in the upper right panel, you can select a custom date range for which you can get the statistics. Some preset periods (Yesterday, 7 days, 30 days, current month, last month, current year, last year) to choose from are shown in a drop-down menu or customizable fields, in which you can indicate the start date and end date of the period you deem interesting. Once you select the date range, simply click the "Apply" button to obtain the required information. 

N.B. All statistics are printable and downloadable on any device. To do this, click the icon in the upper right side in the modules and select the desired mode: print chart or download it in several formats to choose from (PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG vector).


Page Items

Created accounts per day & Distribution Method
The page shows a histogram with overlapping portions with an indication of the accounts number created on a daily basis, with an indication of the accounts number created with each distribution mode available, in the period under examination. 
The pie chart visible at the bottom of the page shows the incidence of each individual account distribution mode on the total accounts created in the time selected. It must be noted that by clicking the drop-down menu - at the top right of the form - and making a choice between the two proposed modes, it is possible to convert all the entries and graphical views, previously mentioned through absolute or average daily values, depending on the preference.