What is it used for?

The Guestbook panel allows the system administrator to manage the feedback left by users on the appropriate widget entered into the Guest Portal. From here you can view, sort, moderate and share all the feedback received on the chosen social networks. It should be noted that you need to enter the "Guestbook" widget in the Guest Portal (not to be confused with the "Guestbook View", which is the widget to make visible only the feedback approved by the administrator to the users of the Guest Portal) to get the feedback.


Guestbook chart

Review search filters

To view lists of reviews tailored to your needs, the system provides the administrator or the user of the system responsible for managing the feedback with some search filters, controllable using the corresponding drop-down menus. Specifically:
  • Rating: filters results based on the number of stars received in the feedback.
  • Status: filters results based on the moderation status of comment (awaiting moderation/approved/not approved).
  • Interval: filters results based on the period in which the feedback has been received.

Once the search filters are set, simply click the "Search" button to display the desired list.


Columns of the Guestbook Chart

The columns of the Guestbook Chart describe all the details related to the feedback received and displayed in the list set by the administrator from time to time. Clicking on the name of each column, you can sort the list (in ascending or descending order) based on the parameter that the column describes. The parameters are:
  • Date: indicates the date and exact time in which feedback has been received.
  • Name: displays the name or nickname entered by the user who left feedback. Please note that feedback can be received even anonymously.
  • Email: shows the email address of those who have left feedback. As for the name, an email address will be asked to the user, who, however, is free not to provide it.
  • Rating: shows the rate, expressed in the form of 1 to 5 stars, assigned by those who have left feedback. To leave feedback it is required to assign a rating.
  • Title: this field shows the title of the review left by the user. To leave feedback, you must enter a title.
  • Long Review: displays the extended text of the feedback, as entered by the user. The extended version of the text is not mandatory for the user.
  • Status: indicates the moderation status of the feedback (awaiting moderation, approved, not approved).
  • Type: shows the type of feedback left by the user, that is detailed review (the user has also filled in one or more fields among "Extended text", "Name/nickname" or "Email") or simple review (the user has only filled in the Rating and Title fields).
Within a list of reviews, you can also refine your search based on a precise textual reference. To do this, simply enter the text to search in the "Search" form, at the top right of the Guestbook chart. This will display only the comments that contain chosen textual reference.


Guestbook Administration Features


The tools in the Guestbook chart allow the administrator to easily manage, moderate and share the feedback received. Once you set the list of reviews on which you want to operate, you can use available tools for every single comment:
  • Moderation: lets you choose whether or not to make the feedback visible in the "Guestbook view" widget, set on the Guest Portal. By clicking the icon, you access a summary screen containing the details of the selected feedback. By clicking on the "Accept" or "Reject" button, the administrator can moderate the comment, approving it and then making it visible to users or not approving it, then keeping it hidden.

  • Sharing: allows to share a specific feedback on the pages and profiles of the structure social network. By clicking the icon, you access a selection screen of the social network on which to share the chosen review. Once you select the social network, you can decide whether to share your feedback by attaching it to an automated message or post it by customizing the sharing snippet. By clicking "Publish", your comment will be automatically shared on the selected social networks.